Drive-In Events

Experience the
special moments

Our Safe Drive-In Events have integrated cutting-edge technology into the charm of good old drive-in theaters and made it possible to let people reunite in the same space, but respecting the current restrictions.

Even though social distancing keeps us away from close interactions, we still can experience the special moments together and feel united with our community.

Once canceled

Graduation ceremonies,
corporate gatherings,
concerts and
watching parties

available now with features like:

  • All organizational functions (tickets, food, fundraisers, auctions) are completely app based. No paper tickets, no cash, no credit cards exchange!
  • Projection mapping or LED screens are available to customize the solution for every project at day or night time!
  • Cost-effective packages for multiple-day safe drive-in events production and screening!
  • We help connect different organizations to partner up and cut the production costs by having events ‘back-to-back’!
  • Fundraising App integration allows you to instantly raise funds in real time.
  • IMAG with Web Broadcasting capabilities elevate the event experience over all!

During these unprecedented times, we constantly keep thinking how to help the community, how to support our industry, how to preserve togetherness and lift everyone’s moods.

Drive-In Events have it all in one. Let’s plan it together!