LED Videowalls & Stage Sets

LED solutions are designed to present your content with a WOW factor, grab the attention of your audience and immerse them into your story.
Rental LED Videowalls & Stage Sets

for meetings, events, conferences or outdoor festivals are an ideal solution for high ambient light environments. Because LED screen’s superior resolution allows one to see the presentations or video content crisp and clear compared to regular monitors or projectors.

  • Large format screens to present your content
  • Sophisticated geometrical stage set capabilities that elevate your content
  • Innovative event production options to enhance your program
  • High luminosity, bright image for outdoor applications or venues with high ambient daylight
  • Easy and fast installation & dismantling
  • Low power consumption
Our fleet of LED Mobile Video Jumbotrons is one of the largest in the nation. Easy and yet effective pop-up solution for festivals, trade shows, exhibitions and outdoor special events.
  • HD quality
  • Adjustable support that towers in the air up to 24 ft at top trim height
  • Built in generators, control rooms and static banner holders
  • 360 degrees rotation capability to provide your guest the best viewing angles
  • Easy go up/come down function
  • Our on-site techs stay with the screen so you can focus on running your event