About Us

Hi, I’m Brent Bixby and in my career in the event industry, I “almost killed” the President of the USA (at least according to the Secret Service at the time). Since then my team says, “the unexpected is my comfort zone” and I live by that statement, always ready for the unforeseen. Yet I am still here and I am ‘Your Guy’.

I started my AV company in Minneapolis in 1992 and I always managed all events and meetings myself, implementing your vision and objectives into the meeting or event every step of the way, from the initial RFP to the final production.

No middle man, No sales man!

I treat your business same way as I treat my own business. Your success is My success!

My mission

is to connect you, your presentation and your audience. For me personally, it is essential to make it smooth and simple to reach the highest level of engagement and energy in the room. It doesn’t matter how big or small is your event.

Your ROI is our priority!

Throughout my 30-year career in event production, I have seen and managed it all from intimate conference room meetings to Elton John’s or a Garth Brooks’ performance. My company is small enough to help modest budgets (‘hello non-profits’) and we are big enough to go big and bold! Our team is hand-selected out of the greatest professionals in their field. When our work process bursts with ideas, creativity and inventing solutions we are recharging each other’s enthusiasm. Our technical team is like a well-built machine driving you to your event goals. We are an AV company in Minneapolis whose expertise has started in stage design, audio-visual services and creative lighting; and it expanded into LED videowalls, WEB broadcasting and constant learning about new technologies and trends. From ideas to implementation, our goal is to create the most unique experiential impact possible followed, by measurable results.

Call me today! I want to hear about your future event and I promise to you that President’s story!