Meeting & Event Production

The art and science

of production services is relatively simple

We use all the event production tools that are available, both technically and artistically to engage and educate your audience in a positive and unforgettable way!

What does set us apart?

we bring our value to you with these simple philosophies:

  • Keeping our overhead low and our VALUE HIGH, we are efficient on staffing and warehousing. That means you don’t pay for a fancy office space, you PAY ONLY for the professional equipment and the skilled technicians.
  • Whether it is a basic or complex event production, we make it EASY for you. Our team takes care of all technical details, so you can focus on your attendees and your program.
  • From technical support during your meeting, to a complete event environment, we are here to MAXIMIZE your audience experience.

All of our meeting and event production services are customizable for audiences and spaces of all sizes.

That is why, we are flexible to find solutions for any budget.

Years of work with non-profit organizations have taught us ‘Big or small budget, let’s be Creative with it!’

Call us today to discuss how we can get creative with your budget!

Our services and approach

Clear, crisp sound for your meeting and event is one of our priorities.

Whether your program is outdoors in an open venue or indoors in a ballroom or some other unique space, our skilled audio engineers fine tune our professional grade equipment to ensure the sound is distributed evenly and every single person in the audience hears clearly the presentation or show.

Visual Communication is still and will always be one of the most impactful elements in delivering a message.

Our professional grade inventory of video and visual presentation equipment plays a key role in presenting and capturing custom video content. In addition, the line of video enhancement gear such as 4K & HD screens and projectors, LED modular screens, HD monitors, HD Cameras, video mapping and web stream technologies helps to deliver your message in a captivating and engaging way.

Sophisticated power of the light has the capability to transform the room, to paint a scenery on a brick wall, to animate the surface and to enhance the stage set.

Creative lighting sets the attendees’ mood and creates ambiance while it complements the event’s theme. Our light designers customize the creative queues of lighting combinations to enhance and highlight the client’s brand and complement décor setting. The extensive inventory of lighting fixtures can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor.

Content is king!

The saying goes “content is king!” and your presentations are only as strong as your visual content. Our skilled developers can assist you in both graphic and scenic content for visually stunning sets and highly impactful presentations.

Right solution for the meeting and whether it is a hybrid or completely webstreamed meeting

While technology will never replicate the energy of face-to-face meetings it does offer a lot of significant advantages for clients and of course convenience for their guests. That is why we help to choose the right solution for the meeting. Whether it is a hybrid or completely web-streamed meeting, we make sure it is dynamic and interesting to watch; and it is simple to use and engaging for your attendees. Our favorite part and the most valuable one is analytics that webstreaming has to offer post-event.

From creative design to detailed execution!

Modern technology paired with custom made elements are capable to create a unique set design. From creative design to detailed execution, our team of experts is excited to help you develop your theme, vision and message that is an extension of your brand and style. We build a harmonious synergy between the creative and technical solutions that stimulate the sensory experience of your audience and guests.

Most modern venues require a certified engineering and rigging plot for flying truss, lighting & equipment.

We have in-house CAD capabilities utilizing the industry standard Vectorworks® design software. Creative & “fly-through” event design modeling can be presented for larger events.

We artistically apply Audio, Video, Lighting and Scenic Elements to enhance your program and to elevate your audience experience.